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The Patented EcoBag™ GPW

The patented EcoBag™ GPW is an innovative product that combines the simplicity of “set-on” concrete weights with the high performance of an anchor-type solution.

Advantages of the EcoBag™ GPW:

  • Super-strong, UV-resistant 400 GSM woven polypropylene material designed for below-ground applications
  • Free-standing after filling; no leaning required
  • Geotextile material will not harm pipe coating
  • Cathodic protection is not restricted
  • No spreader bars required to lift the filled ECOBAG™ GPW
  • Easy to place on pipe
  • Hooks can be removed from top of ditch
Unique EcoBag™ GPW Construction Material

The material utilized in the manufacture of our ECOBAG™ GPW is a breathable woven polypropylene. This material is very breathable and adapts quite well for the bag weight business, where one of the critical factors is permittivity – the ability to let water in and out. Weight handling also requires a tough fabric to meet the demands on the right-of-way. Our woven polypropylene 400 GSM ECOBAG™ meets the challenge. Lifting and loading slings are heavy-weave polypropylene, treated for UV resistance.

Of the polymers used to manufacture geotextiles, polypropylene exhibits the greatest resistance to chemical attack. In fact, polypropylene is the polymer of choice for such commonly used products as landfill liners, synthetic grass for athletic fields, outdoor carpeting, battery cases, bleach bottles, antifreeze jugs, washing machine agitators, and thousands of other commonly used items that are routinely exposed to chemical environments.

Polypropylene is stable within a pH range of 2 to 13, making one of the most stable polymers. Polypropylene geotextiles have been found to be durable in a wide range of chemical environments. Research has found both woven and nonwoven polypropylene geotextiles to be non-biodegradable and resistant to commonly encountered soil-bound chemicals, landfill leachates, mildew, and insects.

Bags are individually weighed as part of KEYMAY’s quality control procedures to ensure correct fill has been met.

On-Site EcoBag™ Filling

The filling of the EcoBag™ weights can be done at on-site, at remote locations. If you have a large project and wish to save transportation charges, contact us about custom filling at a site near the right-of-way. If you choose to utilize your own crews, we can ship fill stands to your location or provide the drawings that allow you to quickly fabricate your own stands. KEYMAY can also offer customized weight filling training as required. Once you choose KEYMAY for your pipeline weight requirements, our goal is to make your job as easy and as profitable as possible.

For more information and technical data on the patented EcoBag™ GPW, including a strength test report, contact us.

ecobags on-site usage

8” 20” 300 660
10” 20” 500 1,100
12” 24” 700 1,540
16” 32” 1,000 2,200
20” 40” 2,268 5,000
24” 48” 2,268 5,000
30” 56” 3,175 7,000
36” 72” 4,080 9,000
42” 78” 5,440 12,500
48” 84” 5,440 12,500

Patented Keybag Geotextile Weight

The patented Keybag wraparound weight is manufactured from a non-woven geotextile chosen for its excellent hydraulic properties, as well as the proven strength of the material and its long-term durability underground. The Keybag weights are available in stock from sized 4″-16″, with larger sizes available upon special order. KEYMAY weights are shipped in convenient polypropylene pallet bags for ease of unloading and loading.

Benefits of Keybag geotextile weights:

  • Best for safety reasons
  • Fully tested and rated Lifting Sling design
  • No strains, no bruises
  • No Rock Shield required
  • No damage to pipe
  • No extra trench depth required
  • Consistent quality
  • Consistent weight
  • Easy to load
  • Easy to string
  • Your choice: order direct or have us fill-on-site
  • Guaranteed quantities – with advance notice

Lifting and fastening the Keybag weight to the pipe is accomplished with web slings, lifting in “basket” mode. The sling is constructed of woven polyester, chosen for its zero stretch, UV resistance, resistance to abrasion, and excellent resistance to rot and mildew. The sling design is tested to a minimum of 5 times the weight being lifted. With these capabilities, the sling is a rated lifting device and the only one being used on soft style weights today.

Fill Material

Fill material for the Keybag geotextile wraparound weight is 3/4, minus aggregate. The choice of this aggregate gives our weights some distinct advantages. First, the fill will not freeze into a solid lump; it will remain malleable and easy to install in all weather; all seasons. Second, the immersed weight of the aggregate is superior to either concrete or sand, so the number of weights required on the line will be reduced, saving you time and costs associated with installation.

4” 100 220 180 220 260
6” 200 440 110 130 195
8″ 300 660 65 90 120
10″ 500 1,100 45 50 75
12” 700 1,540 30 35 55
16” 1000 2,200 20 24 36
20” 1820 4,000 12 14 21
24” 2270 5,000 9 11 17
30” 3180 7,000 6 8 12
36” 4090 9,000 5 6 9
42” 5450 12,000 4 4 7
48” 6800 15,000 3 3 5


EcoBag Data Sheet Available Upon Request


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