Grid Stabilization Materials

High-Performance Reinforcement for Support and Stability
Geogrids are commonly used to reinforce weak soils on a wide variety of projects and applications. Geogrids are strong, uniquely designed materials used to reinforce soils in civil construction and pipeline construction projects.

Geogrids help reinforce the soil and prevent lateral displacement of soils of civil and industrial construction projects. There are a wide variety of geogrids on the market that allow you to create a more stable foundation to ensure the integrity and longevity of your construction projects and applications.

KEYMAY is a leading provider of geogrids, with a wide variety of designs for optimal soil reinforcement on various applications. KEYMAY is a full-service provider and will ensure seamless project management, supervising the supply chain from material selection to procurement and delivery. KEYMAY also provides expert installation and design services for soil reinforcement applications to ensure you have a product you can trust.

Biaxial Geogrid

Biaxial polypropylene geogrids are a cost-effective solution for soil reinforcement. The biaxial geogrid apertures interlock with fill material for superior confinement and stabilization of the reinforced layer. Biaxial geogrids provide increased tensile strength, high-performance base reinforcement, and increased strength and load bearing capacity of the subgrade.

Biaxial geogrid saves you time and money on civil and industrial construction projects by improving fill reinforcement characteristics and aggregate requirements. Geogrid reinforcement systems can achieve aggregate savings as high as 30%. You can also combine biaxial geogrid with non-woven and woven geotextile materials for increased stability and reinforcement on a variety of applications.


Tri-Grid is a triangular geogrid used to provide improved subgrade stabilization on a wide variety of applications. The Tri-Grid design capitalizes on the high-performance structural integrity of the triangular shape to provide dependable support and stability for construction projects.

The Tri-Grid product uses triangular aperture design to distribute wide spans of subgrade stresses more evenly. The Tri-Grid geogrid is engineered using high-quality reinforced polymer materials and expert woven construction for superior strength and durability over other products on the market. This unique construction increases radial stiffness and provides consistent and effective support throughout the construction process – maximizing performance for projects requiring optimal strength and weight bearing capacity.


GeoCell is a unique cellular confinement system used for a variety of construction applications, including erosion control, ground and soil stabilization, load support, slope and channel protection, and more. GeoCell is constructed of high-quality polyethylene strips, bonded together providing a lightweight and very flexible cellular containment structure that is strong and durable against environmental stress and wear.

The GeoCell system is a versatile product that can be used in various applications and with a wide variety of infill materials including concrete, sand, soil and aggregate. The unique engineering of the GeoCell structure allows it to maintain its shape against heavy stresses, maintaining its integrity without fear of lateral movement of the fill material.

To learn more about GeoCell’s performance in soil erosion, click here.

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geocell in use

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