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DAM-BAG: Rapidly Deployable Protection

The DAM-BAG (patent pending) is a reusable solution for flooding, flash flooding, erosion control, hazardous containment, and shoreline protection. The DAM-BAG is easy to deploy and quick to install, saving precious time and manpower when speed of deployment is essential for protection of people and property.

Advantages of the DAM-BAG

  • Deploy with virtually any readily available-aggregate
  • Unlimited length of barrier walls
  • Available in 2 ft., 4 ft., and 6 ft. heights
  • Installation with continuous border or with access points which can be closed later when flood waters arrive
  • Reduces manpower required for deployment and installation
  • Deploys rapidly
  • Reusable flood protection solution
  • Lightweight for easy storage
  • 100 ft. DAM-BAG is equivalent to roughly 8,000 sandbags


Aquariwa is a mobile flood protection system specifically designed for quick deployment and accelerated response time. The Aquariwa system consists of cylindered containers made of a durable, flexible fiberglass material, constructed on-site and filled with water. The containers are easily collapsible to minimize the required space for storage when not in use, and are quick easy to construct on-site, making them ideal for rapid deployment.

Advantages of Aquariwa:

  • Rapid deployment and easy handling on-site
  • Fast assembly without tools, user-friendly
  • Chemical-resistant fiberglass material
  • Guaranteed minimum protection of heights ranging 50cm, 80cm, and 100cm options
  • Fast, residue-free removal
  • Easy take-down and no disposal costs
  • Low storage space requirements
  • Wide range of applications


Our cofferdam water dam solution consists of high-strength water-filled structures to create an effective dam, leaving only a minimal footprint on the environment. Our cofferdams are reusable and are filled using onsite water, making them an environmentally-friendly solution that causes no harm to the land and no waste upon removal.

Advantages of Cofferdam:

  • Industrial strength materials
  • Maximum protection against water flow
  • Wide range of applications
  • No residues or harmful materials upon removal
  • Ideal for large projects with high flood risks and powerful dam needs

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