Concrete Pipeline Weights

Concrete Pipeline Weights

KEYMAY is a leading, trusted manufacturer and supplier of wrap-around, set-on, and bolt-on concrete pipeline weights for a wide variety of project applications. KEYMAY’s concrete pipeline weights provide trusted, durable and reliable stabilization of oil and gas, water and sewer, and other pipelines.

KEYMAY supplies concrete pipeline weights for various pipelines, measuring 3″-48″ diameter. To view our product spec sheets, click here.

When a pipeline is not transporting at capacity, or if it is transporting lightweight materials, the pipe requires reliable negative buoyancy to ensure the integrity of the pipeline, and prevent damage by the surrounding environment. This is where concrete pipeline weights are integral in maintaining the routine functioning of the pipeline and the surrounding environment, and ensure no buckles or bends occur which could interrupt supply and cause undue costs and time for repair.

Since its introduction, KEYMAY has supplied more than 200,000 weights to the pipeline industry. With proven expertise and a strong team of knowledgeable staff, our team is dedicated to quality in every job and adept to working in the full spectrum of environmental conditions and terrain, including the Prairies, wetlands, rivers and waterways, and offshore applications.

Wrap-Around Concrete Pipeline Weights

In 1995, we introduced the original wrap-around concrete pipeline weight and greatly improved the installation process of the concrete pipe weights used in the right-of-way. Expertly designed for ease of installation, the wrap-around concrete pipeline weight simply lowers onto the pipe, eliminating the labour required to bolt the traditional style of bolt-on weights.

This wrap-around style also helped ease the safety and quality concerns of the job – both making installation less labour-intensive for the employees installing the product, as well as reducing the potential for causing damage to the pipeline or the coating. The engineered design of the device places more weight below the centerline of the pipe than above, preventing the weight from rolling off.

Wrap around concrete pipeline weights

Set-On and Bolt-On Concrete Pipeline Weights

KEYMAY manufactures and supplies a full range of concrete set-on and bolt-on pipeline weights for a variety of applications. Every weight is cast with wire mesh and rebar for reinforcement and a protective padding embedded in the saddle to protect the pipeline coating upon installation. KEYMAY’s concrete pipeline weights are optimized for safe and easy installation and removal.

The unique construction of the set-on weights are ideal for wetland applications, including flood plains and river crossings. KEYMAY’s set-on concrete pipeline weights provide superior structural integrity and optimal balance to ensure a reliable, secure fit.

KEYMAY’s bolt-on concrete pipeline weights are ideal for unstable, high-stress applications, including submerged in flowing water, etc. Bolt-on weights are equipped with high-quality galvanized bolts and washers for premium chemical resistance and longevity against environmental factors.

Actual dimensions of concrete pipeline weights are available upon request.


Supporting Concrete Pipeline Products


Volumetric Concrete Trucks

KEYMAY operates its own volumetric concrete mixing trucks to provide concrete for projects in remote locations. We also supply concrete for all other remote or local concrete requirements on a contract basis or per cubic meter basis.


Concrete Pipeline Slabs

KEYMAY manufactures concrete pipeline or ditch slabs in various dimensions to meet the requirements of your project. KEYMAY’s concrete pipeline slabs are designed and crafted with care to ensure quality construction and durability on your project.


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

KEYMAY supplies manufactured weights for high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and flex-pipe industries from 2″-60″. HDPE pipe is useful in civil and industrial construction projects for a variety of applications.

For more information on any of our concrete pipeline products or support services, contact us.


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