KEYMAY Products

KEYMAY is a leading provider of products and supplies to the pipeline industry, as well as quality application and installation services.

KEYMAY delivers cost-effective and reliable solutions for containment, erosion control, subgrade and soil stabilization, pipeline buoyancy control, and more. With a dedication to quality, KEYMAY provides only the best in industrial strength products and industry leading application and installation techniques to ensure optimal durability and long-lasting utility.

KEYMAY provides pre-fabricated geomembrane and geotextile liners, woven and non-woven geotextiles, various types of geogrid, screw anchors, Red One Rock Shield, concrete and geotextile pipeline weights, flood control products, erosion and sediment control products, secondary containment systems, soil reinforcement products, and a variety of complementary products to support your pipeline and infrastructure projects.

Seamless Project Management

KEYMAY will ensure seamless project management, supervising the supply chain from material selection to procurement and delivery and providing any support required in ensuring expert installation. We provide and manufacture only high-quality, trusted materials to ensure strength and reliable performance on your pipeline and infrastructure projects in order to protect pipeline structures against surrounding environmental factors, and reduce corrosion and damage due to faulty installation.

Quality Control

The success of your project relies not only on the integrity of the products themselves, but on the skill and the workmanship of the installation crew. KEYMAY’s installation and application crews follow stringent environmental responsibility standards, and are skilled at working in all environmental conditions and terrain. KEYMAY’s team guarantees quality installation and application, and conducts inspection measures at various stages throughout the application and installation processes to ensure the utmost in quality control.


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Reliable full-service provider

Project Manager

We started using KEYMAY for their weights, but now they are a supplier or provider in five different aspects of our business – the “one-stop shop” for specialty pipeline and civil products.

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Dedicated service

Pipeline Superintendent

KEYMAY’s service truly represents full understanding of the construction environments – the demands of the project do not cease at 5pm, and neither does KEYMAY’s service.