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KEYMAY offers on-site filling for geotextile pipeline weights – professional and dependable delivery and filling every time.

KEYMAY provides professional services for on-site fillings of the EcoBag in order to boost the efficiency of your pipeline project. KEYMAY consistently meets and exceeds professional industry standards for safe delivery and expert installation.

Geotextile pipeline weights combine the simplicity and quick installation of “set on” concrete weights with the heavy-duty performance of an anchor-style securing solution. On-site filling also allows you to save the costs and complications of transportation of large pipeline weights across far distances and through the right-of-way.

KEYMAY will deliver custom weight filling services in remote locations, either on or near the right-of-way (ROW). The on-site filling option provides your project with a skilled KEYMAY crew capable of keeping pace with the demands of high-production pipeline construction projects and a finished product that is safe and easy to load and install. With on-site filling, you are guaranteed consistent weight and quality, with guaranteed quantities and advance notice of delivery.

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KEYMAY provides an expert crew to fill your pipeline weights on-site and ensure weights are installed according to premium quality standards. If you prefer to provide your own crew for on-site geotextile weight filling, we can deliver filling stands (or fabrication drawings for the stands) and provide support and training as required. This ease of filling makes EcoBag an ideal solution for projects in all countries and environments.

The development and realization of pipeline projects is a complex undertaking, and we at KEYMAY are dedicated to helping you achieve your project deadlines with dependable, expert service and cost-effective solutions.


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Reliable full-service provider

Project Manager

We started using KEYMAY for their weights, but now they are a supplier or provider in five different aspects of our business – the “one-stop shop” for specialty pipeline and civil products.

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Dedicated service

Pipeline Superintendent

KEYMAY’s service truly represents full understanding of the construction environments – the demands of the project do not cease at 5pm, and neither does KEYMAY’s service.