Erosion Control Blankets

Erosion Control Blankets

KEYMAY provides premium Erosion Control Blankets (ECBs) for a variety of applications. ECBs are often used to protect slopes from rain fall and other water flows, preventing excessive sediment loss and sediment relocation. Over time, soil particles are very susceptible to being dislodged and carried away, causing concentrated streams, rills, and gullies to develop. As this occurs, the integrity of the slope is diminished and can begin to affect the integrity of the structure, posing environmental and safety concerns.

ECBs are commonly used to protect channel walls and large slopes against water flows. Depending on the power and frequency of the water flows, whether the channel experiences fluctuating levels and velocities of runoff due to storm water flows, etc., durable protection is required to avoid significant damage to the channel walls, which could pose a risk to the entire channel or slope system.


  • Provides functional longevity for up to 36 months
  • Designed to hold seed and soil in place
  • Protects emerging seedlings and accelerated vegetation growth to achieve long term erosion protection
  • Applicable for slight to moderate slopes

100% Straw

100% Coco

100% Aspen Wood Fiber

100% Straw/Coco Blend

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