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KEYMAY is an industry leader in continuous concrete pipeline coating, dedicated to providing expert solutions for even the toughest jobs. KEYMAY delivers professional, reliable installation in the most challenging environments.

Continuous concrete coating is used for weighting long sections of pipeline in areas where complex environmental and geographical factors are a concern, like at major river crossings, flood plains, swamp areas, and other open water crossings. The concrete coating provides extra protection and durability for the piping for optimal longevity and additional protection against corrosion and other environmental factors. The concrete coating thickness is determined by the client to fit the requirements of the specific project, taking into consideration the negative buoyancy required for the determined conditions.

KEYMAY uses the form-applied method of concrete pipeline coating to provide excellent structural integrity and negative buoyancy for pipeline projects. Form-applied concrete pipeline coatings are prepared on-site and provide a more cost-effective option as you save the costs necessary when transporting heavy concrete-coated pipe joints – often times over long distances – and reduce the risk of breaking or fracturing in transit. For areas with difficult access, form-applied concrete coatings reduce the project safety risk associated with transport and stringing on steep slopes or narrow right-of-ways.

concrete coating on site
continues concrete coating of the pipeline

KEYMAY follows a clean and simple process of application, adhering to stringent health and safety standards and industry specifications. The concrete coating process begins with the application of a custom circular rebar and wire mesh form around the pipe. The rebar is held in the middle section of the coating with plastic standoffs to ensure rebar is not in contact with the factory-applied pipe coating. The form is then filled with concrete and allowed to cure before the external forms are removed.

Our installation crews are skilled in on-site concrete coating application and have performed applications in Canada’s most demanding terrain and remote locations. Our installation crews follow a customized Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) specifically designed and crafted for each unique job, and perform quality checks at the various stages of the coating process to ensure superior quality control.


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Reliable full-service provider

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We started using KEYMAY for their weights, but now they are a supplier or provider in five different aspects of our business – the “one-stop shop” for specialty pipeline and civil products.

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KEYMAY’s service truly represents full understanding of the construction environments – the demands of the project do not cease at 5pm, and neither does KEYMAY’s service.