Soil Reinforcement and Slope Stabilization

Soil reinforcement products

KEYMAY is a leading provider of soil reinforcement products, erosion and sediment control solutions, and geogrid products. With trusted and reliable solutions, KEYMAY is a leading provider of reinforcement solutions for some of the most prominent oil and gas and construction projects across the world. KEYMAY’s soil reinforcement specialists will help you source the best solution for your needs, ensuring the most effective and cost-effective solution for the job.


Building roads, drilling leases and plant sites is often made more difficult due to poor soil conditions. High sand and silt content in some regions make it difficult for engineers to achieve the load bearing requirements needed for these heavy industrial projects. With a higher lateral stability of the base ground, engineers are better able to design load bearing structures using simple, easy accessible aggregates found locally, reducing the need to import larger quantities of more expensive materials.

GeoCell is an innovative geosynthetic product used for strong soil reinforcement in construction projects and on job sites. GeoCell is a type of geogrid composed of a lightweight high density polyethylene (HDPE) strips, engineered into a flexible cellular structure. The unique ultrasonically bonding process provides an extremely strong and flexible configuration ideal for a wide variety of applications. The GeoCell structure integrates with the soil and can then be infilled with a long list of products including aggregate, concrete, sand and/or soil to provide optimal strength and support for the specific area.

When infilled, the high-strength cell walls maintain the shape and integrity of the structure, allowing for heavy axle loads without fear of lateral movement of the fill material. The cellular design of GeoCell also distributes the loads to an extended area, thus reducing the stress to the cell itself as well as to the subgrade below. The thickness of the overall framework and subbase can be decreased with equivalent or greater structural integrity.

GeoCell can also be used in slope erosion and channel wall protection applications.



KEYMAY’s proprietary high-strength high-flow woven geotextile is a ground-breaking development in the world of geosynthetics. Our engineering partners have used high-tenacity polypropylene fibers and a patented weaving technology to create a revolutionary fabric with exceptional high tensile modulus, increased confinement characteristics, improved water flow, and a unique green identification filament that truly sets the EP-1050 apart from our competitors. EP-1050 is an excellent choice for base reinforcement and subgrade stabilization in haul roads, pipeline construction, railway construction and reinforced soil slopes applications.

Superior Performance

EP-1050 meets the following Minimum Average Roll Values (MARV) when tested with the standardized methods listed below. The property values listed are effective March 2015. Values listed for machine (warp) and cross-machine (fill), respectively, under dry or saturated conditions. MARVs are calculated as the average, plus or minus two standard deviations.

Minimum Average Roll Values (MARV)

Property Test Method English Metric
TENSILE MODULUS @ 2% STRAIN (CD) ASTM D4595 72,000 lbs/ft 1050 kN/m
WIDE WIDTH TENSILE STRENGTH ”“ ULTIMATE (MD x CD) ASTM D4595 4,800 x 6,600 lbs/ft 70 x 96 kN/m
PERMITTIVITY ASTM D-4491 0.60 sec-1 0.60 sec-1
WATER FLOW RATE ASTM D4491 47 gal/min/ft2 1915 l/min/m2


ArmorMax is a leading solution for erosion control and slope stabilization applications. ArmorMax is one of the most advanced flexible armoring technologies available. ArmorMax is an engineered system that is lightweight, flexible armoring technology secured to the subgrade using earth percussion anchors. The percussion anchors stabilize at-risk slopes while preventing further surface erosion. The ArmorMax system is specifically helpful for erosion control and slope stabilization applications that require reinforcement for vegetation growth, for example, to help secure trees and other vegetation located on the banks and slope of waterway channels, streams, canals and other embankments.

The ArmorMax system will be engineered to fit each individual project’s unique characteristics. Our engineers will provide detailed drawings allowing design engineers the opportunity to incorporate the ArmorMax system into the most complex and high visibility projects.

ArmorMax’s unique fiber technology offers superior tensile strength and UV resistance. Constructed of woven three-dimensional fibers, ArmorMax’s High Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat is a truly unique product for soil reinforcement projects requiring customized, strong solutions for slopes and vegetation.

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