Geomembrane & Conductive Liners

Highest-quality liners on the market

KEYMAY has access to the highest-quality liners on the market and has expertise in material selection for a wide variety of applications, including sourcing for required chemical resistance, accommodating environmental constraints, etc. KEYMAY will ensure seamless project management, supervising the supply chain from material selection to procurement and delivery and providing any support required in ensuring expert installation.


Geomembrane Liners

KEYMAY has forged relationships with leading global geomembrane and geotextile material manufactures around the world to ensure we source only the best geomembrane liners for your project.

KEYMAY will choose from an unbiased selection of a broad range of membranes to deliver the most appropriate engineered liner for your needs, ensuring the containment of hazardous materials to prevent seepage or leaking into soil or ground water supplies. Custom-fit liners are important in minimizing the impact of waste and industrial pollutants on the environment and allow you to maintain stringent environmental responsibility standards.

KEYMAY has the expertise in material selection to help you source the most effective liners for all applications, whether your project requires chemical resistance or adaptability within environmental constraints, etc. KEYMAY will help you source a geomembrane liner while managing the supply chain; from material selection to procurement, to delivery and installation.

KEYMAY offers a wide variety of geomembrane liners including floating covers for excavation storage areas, landfill liners, sewage lagoon liners, storm water pond liners, tailings facility liners, and brine pond liners.

The success of your project relies not only on the integrity of the geomembrane itself, but on the skill and the workmanship of the installation crew. KEYMAY’s liner installation crews are adept to working in all environmental conditions and terrain. To learn more about KEYMAY’s geomembrane liner installation services, click here.

Common geomembrane liner materials include:
  • High Density Polyethylene – HDPE
  • Linear Low Density Polyethylene – LLDPE & mLLDPE
  • High Performance HDPE & LLDPE
  • Reinforced Polypropylene – RPP
  • Leak Location Liner – LLL
  • High Temperature Liner
  • Ethylene Interpolymer Alloy – XR5
  • Thermoplastic Poly Olefin – TPO
  • Geosynthetic Clay
  • Geotextile
  • Drainage Net
  • Geocomposite

Conductive Liners

Traditional liner installation involves a visual inspection and QC testing on the seams of the liner. Conductive liner projects take this one step further by using a high-voltage current to identify any holidays (discontinuities) over the entire surface of the liner. The assurance that a liner is 100% continuous is especially important for our clients who operate in environmentally sensitive areas or must adhere to more stringent standards in order to obtain permits and approvals. The added benefit of conductive liners is that once the area is in service, ongoing testing of the continuity of the liner can still take place.

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