Complementary Products

KEYMAY Complementary Products

KEYMAY is a full-service supplier and manufacturer of products required in the construction of pipelines for civil and industrial applications.

With a dedicated to quality, KEYMAY offers the most durable and cost-effective solutions for your projects, ensuring reliable performance when it matters most. KEYMAY’s team is knowledgeable in the needs and requirements of the construction site, and providing safe and effective solutions for every application. KEYMAY is a trusted partner in your construction projects, offering project management services to ensure seamless procurement, delivery and installation.

Painted T-Bar Posts and Caps

Our T-bar posts are manufactured from high-quality steel materials, built for strength and reliable anchoring in various applications and coated for resistance against rust and corrosion.

Construction Fence

KEYMAY provides a variety of construction fencing options to increase job site safety and security, including chain-link, welded wire, high-quality plastic fencing, and privacy screening.

Silt Bags

Our silt bags are constructed of a high-quality geotextile fabric, designed for excellent durability for job site and construction applications; available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Sand Bags

KEYMAY offers durable sand bags and filling services for a variety of applications. Our sand bags are constructed of high-quality woven polypropylene materials for optimal strength and resistance.

Custom Bulk Bags

KEYMAY provides custom bulk bags in a variety of sizes and strengths to fit your requirements on the construction site; from sand, soil and aggregate materials to waste materials.

Wood Stakes

KEYMAY’s wood stakes are made from durable wood varieties and chisel pointed for quick and easy installation. We supply only the highest-quality wood stakes to provide you with stable, strong materials.

Custom Wood Lagging

We supply custom-sized wood lagging for all pipeline project applications to provide reliable and durable protection of the pipe against corrosion, force and abrasion.

Turbidity Curtains

KEYMAY provides a variety of industrial strength turbidity and silt curtain barriers for jobsite and construction sediment control applications. Our turbidity curtains are available in standard and custom sizes to meet your needs.


KEYMAY stocks a wide selection of straw waddles, constructed with care to ensure premium durability during installation and reliable performance in sediment control and reducing the affects of erosion on work sites.

Wick Drain

KEYMAY supplies industrial strength wick drains to improve your embankment draining systems and other site applications. Our engineered design prevents against clogging, providing optimal flow rates and drainage.

What Our Clients are Saying ?

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Servicio dedicado

Superintendente de ductos

El servicio de KEYMAY demuestra que ellos comprenden a la perfección los ambientes de la construcción – las demandas del proyecto no se detienen a las 5 de la tarde y mucho menos el servicio de KEYMAY.

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Proveedor integral confiable

Gerente de proyectos

Nosotros empezamos a usar a KEYMAY por sus pesos, pero ahora son nuestros proveedores en cinco áreas diferentes de nuestro negocio – es el “centro único” para los productos especializados en ductos y construcciones civiles.