Liner Installation

Procurement and Liner Installation

High-Quality Liners and Installation Services for Various Applications
KEYMAY is one of the foremost liner installation companies in North America.

Through building strong relationships with leading global geomembrane and geotextile material manufacturers, KEYMAY has access to high-quality liners and expertise in material selection for all applications, including chemical resistance, environmental constraints, etc. KEYMAY will ensure seamless project management and liner installation services, supervising the supply chain from material selection to procurement and delivery and ensuring expert installation.

on-site photo of liner installation
on-site photo of liner installation

Sewage Lagoon Liners

High-quality containment lining systems are integral for a community’s wastewater strategy in order to prevent undue seepage into the soil and ground water supplies. The efficiency of your sewage containment system relies not only on the integrity of the geomembrane liner itself, but on the skill and the workmanship of the installation procedures. KEYMAY’s expert installation crews will ensure your sewage lagoon liner is installed in accordance to the highest in industry standards for health and safety.

Storm Water Pond Liners

Storm water collection ponds are utilized to contain rainwater that has run off of commercial, industrial and residential areas. Much of this water is contaminated with oil, pesticides and other pollutants and must be contained to protect human health and maintain environmental responsibility standards. KEYMAY will help you source the right liner for your storm water collection pond and provide effective installation.

Pre-Fabricated Liners

When considering the use of a liner or geomembrane, we base our recommendations on our practical experience, our customer’s tanks and fluid applications, and an unbiased selection from a broad range of membranes. KEYMAY’s skilled technicians will fabricate, deliver and install custom-fit liners specific to your requirements, with timely, trusted service you can count on.

Landfill Liners

Modern landfills are equipped with sophisticated lining containment systems engineered to minimize the impact of solid waste on human health and the environment, protecting soil and groundwater from contamination. KEYMAY’s team of experts will ensure your facility sources high-quality landfill liners suitable to your needs, and will ensure expert installation adhering to the top industry safety standards.

Floating Covers

Floating covers are used in conjunction with geomembrane base liners to keep out rain, snow, water, wildlife, and other unwanted matter out of storage and containment areas. Depending on the project, you may also require an anaerobic digester, which is another type of floating cover that can be used in the containment of waste material produced from sewage treatment plants, food processing factories, pulp and paper mills, and more. With expertise in a wide variety of containment solutions, KEYMAY’s procurement and installation team will ensure you are outfit with a quality liner and cover system that meets your needs.

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Superintendente de ductos

El servicio de KEYMAY demuestra que ellos comprenden a la perfección los ambientes de la construcción – las demandas del proyecto no se detienen a las 5 de la tarde y mucho menos el servicio de KEYMAY.

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Proveedor integral confiable

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Nosotros empezamos a usar a KEYMAY por sus pesos, pero ahora son nuestros proveedores en cinco áreas diferentes de nuestro negocio – es el “centro único” para los productos especializados en ductos y construcciones civiles.