Health & Safety

Health & Safety

KEYMAY is committed to protecting and promoting the health and safety of our employees.

Contractors and visitors, as well as the surrounding community an environment, KEYMAY conducts all business and activities in accordance to the highest industry standards for safety and compliance with legislative requirements.

KEYMAY is an industry-leader in Project Quality Management and has an advanced understanding of process controls and in-field inspection procedures. Our adherence to client specifications and the provision of accurate and complete quality documentation is a central focus in operations. Keymay has the lowest repair and rework percentages in the pipeline industry and has been recognized as a leader in adopting new CSA standards for field coating application introduced in June 2015. Keymay operates under a quality management system built on the principles of ISO 9001.

  • KEYMAY belongs to ISNetworld, CanQual and PICS as a Member Contractor and holds a Certificate of Recognition from the Alberta Safety Council.
  • KEYMAY also maintains Workers Compensation Board accounts in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.
  • Our work culture extends beyond our policies, manuals and certifications – every level of our operations is committed to maintaining the singular vision of proper protocol and zero injury. KEYMAY values professionalism in every aspect of our business, from product management to project implementation and installation.
  • All KEYMAY employees are trained in health and safety techniques and best practices and share our genuine commitment to health and safety procedures, supported by a firm, fair and consistent enforcement policy. KEYMAY contractors are also required to follow our health and safety legislation and procedures wherever applicable.
  • KEYMAY is dedicated to achieving the objective of zero workplace injury, and providing a healthy, injury-free workplace and job sites for everyone involved.

Markets We Serve:

  • Pipeline
  • Oilfield Construction
  • Mining
  • Civil Construction
  • Roads
  • Municipal Infrastructure Projects
  • Forestry
  • Agriculture

What Our Clients are Saying ?

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Servicio dedicado

Superintendente de ductos

El servicio de KEYMAY demuestra que ellos comprenden a la perfección los ambientes de la construcción – las demandas del proyecto no se detienen a las 5 de la tarde y mucho menos el servicio de KEYMAY.

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Proveedor integral confiable

Gerente de proyectos

Nosotros empezamos a usar a KEYMAY por sus pesos, pero ahora son nuestros proveedores en cinco áreas diferentes de nuestro negocio – es el “centro único” para los productos especializados en ductos y construcciones civiles.