Enviro-Ridge Ditch Barrier

Enviro-Ridge Ditch Barrier

Enviro-Ridge’s patented transverse flexibility and unique permeable structure is designed to emulate natural vegetative filters. In the absence of grass or vegetation after road and ditch construction, Enviro-Ridge can provide a temporary “soft” structure with some of the beneficial characteristics of grass filters. Enviro-Ridge’s primary innovation is its flexibility, which allows it to conform to uneven ground, offering effective performance across a variety of ditch shapes and forming a better “seal” when installed on top of Erosion Control Blankets. Enviro-Ridge reduces water velocity by distributing water over a wider area of the ditch bottom, facilitating sedimentation and revegetation. By dissipating energy and reducing flow velocity, Enviro-Ridge causes sediment to settle near the upslope side of each berm. In addition, its triangular configuration provides a protective shelter for newly emerging vegetation.


  • 100% Recycled Material
  • One of the best solutions of sediment control when used in conjunction with an ECB (Erosion Control Blanket)
  • Enviro-Ridge’s patented design is low-profile and lightweight, constructed of permeable plastic, making it flexible and very easy to use and install on-site
Ditch Barrier Spacing
Gradient Spacing (m)
1% 23.0
2% 11.5
3% 7.7
4% 5.8
5% 4.6
6% 3.8
7% 3.3
8% 2.9
9% 2.6
10% 2.3

Installation Guideline:

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