Set-on/ Bolt-on Concrete Weights

Set-on/ Bolt-on Concrete Weights


KEYMAY manufactures and supplies a full range of concrete set-on and bolt-on pipeline weights for a variety of applications. Every weight is cast with wire mesh and rebar for reinforcement and a protective padding embedded in the saddle to protect the pipeline coating upon installation. KEYMAY’s concrete pipeline weights are optimized for safe and easy installation and removal.

The unique construction of the set-on weights is ideal for wetland applications, including flood plains and river crossings. KEYMAY’s set-on concrete pipeline weights provide superior structural integrity and optimal balance to ensure a reliable, secure fit.

  • KEYMAY’s bolt-on concrete pipeline weights are ideal for unstable, high-stress applications, including submerged in flowing water, etc. Bolt-on weights are equipped with high-quality galvanized bolts and washers for premium chemical resistance and longevity against environmental factors.
  • KEYMAY can produce a full range of set on and bolt on concrete pipeline weights
  • Weights are cast with wire mesh and rebar for strength and reinforcement
  • Concrete weights have a protective felt padding to defend against damaging the pipe coating.

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Servicio dedicado

Superintendente de ductos

El servicio de KEYMAY demuestra que ellos comprenden a la perfección los ambientes de la construcción – las demandas del proyecto no se detienen a las 5 de la tarde y mucho menos el servicio de KEYMAY.

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Nosotros empezamos a usar a KEYMAY por sus pesos, pero ahora son nuestros proveedores en cinco áreas diferentes de nuestro negocio – es el “centro único” para los productos especializados en ductos y construcciones civiles.