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Why Choose Keymay ?

KEYMAY is a trusted leader in the supply of innovative products and services to the pipeline and civil construction industries. With a forward-thinking approach to R&D and innovation, KEYMAY guarantees the best products met with expert knowledge and unparalleled service standards. KEYMAY guarantees superior quality control, adhering to the highest CSA standards and providing NACE-certified inspectors for evaluation.

Industry Expertise

KEYMAY has years of expertise in the civil and pipeline fields and has developed a deep understanding of the evolving, complex needs of the industry.

Patented Technology

KEYMAY is a leader in patented products and technologies, including geosynthetics, pipeline weights, and innovative technology for the application of pipeline coatings.

Quality Management System

KEYMAY has an immaculate quality management system, performing routine audits with pipeline and civil engineers and maintaining stringent application standards for installation.

Proven Safety Record

KEYMAY is a reliable service provider with an impeccable safety record, adhering to CSA standards, and providing a custom inspection and test plan, and day-to-day reporting.

Unparalleled Service

KEYMAY is dedicated to truly exceptional service. We are agile and have a bias for action. You can count on us for a prompt response, delivering a trained, specialized crew on-site.

R&D and Innovation

KEYMAY is a forward-thinking company with patented, expertly engineered products optimized for safer installation and durability against other products on the market.

What Our Clients are Saying ?

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Servicio dedicado

Superintendente de ductos

El servicio de KEYMAY demuestra que ellos comprenden a la perfección los ambientes de la construcción – las demandas del proyecto no se detienen a las 5 de la tarde y mucho menos el servicio de KEYMAY.

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Proveedor integral confiable

Gerente de proyectos

Nosotros empezamos a usar a KEYMAY por sus pesos, pero ahora son nuestros proveedores en cinco áreas diferentes de nuestro negocio – es el “centro único” para los productos especializados en ductos y construcciones civiles.